Monday, 29 October 2012

Caring for your Lingerie

We get a lot of questions about lingerie care at Zivame, it’s time we put together a list of everything you must know about caring for your lingerie.

What is the best way to wash a bra?
Hand-washing a bra ensures your bras stay in shape and don’t lose their shape and structure.

Why should I not machine-wash a bra?
Machine washing is not recommended because:
  • The underwire from a bra can come loose, breaking the bra and damaging your machine.
  • The foam moulding of a t-shirt bra can crumple.
  • The hook of the hook and eye fastening can damage stitching or delicate fabrics.

What’s the best way to hand wash a bra?
Fill a deep sink with cold or warm (not hot) water and mix in some gentle detergent.  Rub the bra (or the lingerie item) gently by hand and ensure that you concentrate on the areas under the arms to get rid of the odour of sweat.
If the bra is made of silk, lace or satin, take extra caution when rubbing to ensure the threads don’t get pulled out.

If I have to use a machine to wash my delicate wear, how do I wash them?
If you do use a washing machine, we recommend using a Zivame lingerie laundry bag and setting a delicate, low temperature cycle.  Don’t ever wash an underwired bra in your machine, but with other styles, make sure the hooks and eyes are clasped so the bras don’t tangle.  A lingerie bag works best for non-wired and non- padded bras.

How do I wash my briefs?
We recommend using a Zivame lingerie laundry bag to wash your briefs. Wash on a delicate cycle in cold or warm water, not hot.  Always line dry them, and don’t put them in the tumble dryer!

How do I wash shapewear?
Washing by hand is recommended.  If you use a washing machine, use a delicate setting and cold or warm water, not hot.  Use a Zivame lingerie laundry bag, if necessary. Dry on the line to preserve the elasticity of the garment.

Can my bra be tumble dried?
No. Even on a low heat setting this would damage any spandex in the fabric. Any padding would either wrinkle or shrink. Line drying or flat drying are the only options.

How can I increase the life of my bra?
We recommend that you do not wear the same bra for two consecutive days. Taking a break will allow the fabric some time to recover its shape.  Carefully wash your bras regularly and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

How should I store my bras?
Storing your lingerie properly will help keep it looking good for longer.  T-shirt bras need special attention.  You can fold them in half and put one cup inside the other or stack them side by side.  Stuffing the bra into a drawer will destroy the shape of the bra.  Make extra room by folding your non-moulded underwired bras in the centre and stacking them vertically, one next to the other.

How often should I replace my bras?
You need a new bra wardrobe every six months.  Remember that bras do wear out over time and need to be replaced.

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