Monday, 29 October 2012

Accessories; your style companions!

There are some accessories which you just cannot do without.  They make your innerwear as well as your outerwear look good.  These are an essential staple for any girl’s underwear drawer, and can help you adapt a limited amount of bras to many different occasions and outfits! With any outfit which is backless or has an ultra-low back, you might have to go braless.  However, when going braless is not really an option, you need a stick-on bra.

Stick-on Bra
This re-usable stick on bra will be your friend for multiple washes.  It is available in fabric options as well as silicon. It looks natural under your outfit and gives you that instant coverage and lift.

When nipple show-through is the problem, then these nipple covers are an amazing solution.
Barely-there nipple pasties silicon concealers
These lightweight nipple covers come in a natural skin-tone colour, and have a hypo-allergenic sweat and waterproof adhesive which is gentle to your skin. The form-fitting shape ensures a smooth application for a smooth look.  You can also use the silicon concealers (picture on the left) for a similar look with firmer coverage.  You can even wear them under your regular bras to prevent nipples from showing through.
Please do not wear over open cuts, rashes, skin disorders, sunburned skin or overnight.

Worried about wearing low back kameezes, blouses and evening dresses?  Want to wear a low coverage dress but with the support of your bra? Meet our bra back extender!
The Low back bra converter
The straps fit into the hook-and-eye closure in the back of the bra and wrap around to your front, creating a low-back design which brings your bra down by 3 inches.  Wear it with your favorite supporting bra and keep your girls in place all evening long!  Perfect to wear under low back kameezes, saree blouses, halter neck tops and of course evening dresses and gowns.

Bra Clips
When you want to wear a racer back or a top with a deep armhole without the straps showing, then bra clips will be your best friends!
These bra clips can be used to pull straps together in the back and hide them from view.

When you want a bit of coverage but not that of a conventional bra, a tube top is your best bet.
The not-so-basic tube bra
Add a little zing with this versatile lace tube bra which goes under all low neck tee shirts and tops.  It has a hook and eye on the back so that it stays secure,doesn’t roll up and gives you a firm hold.

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