Monday, 29 October 2012

Top 5 Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions!

These embarrassing lingerie moments definitely get 10/10 on our scale of embarrassment!  Read on for solutions to those moments when you just want to run and hide!

Flashing underpantstop 5 wardrobe mishaps

The only woman who has ever been able to carry this off with her dignity intact is Marilyn Monroe!  For the rest of us mere mortals, being caught with your skirt tucked into your knickers, or an errant gust of wind threatening to spoil your composure is a bit of a nightmare.  Keep your day cool and collected no matter what weather by wearing boyshorts underneath dresses and skirts.  Now you can strut your stuff in confidence even on the most windy of days!

nipple sticker

Nipple points

Nipple points are one of these things that you have very little control over.  Invest in reuseable silicon nipple concealers or one-use nipple pasties depending on the occasion.  Feel free and confident if you’re wearing tight tops, going braless or wearing a top with thin material.

Double boob/back fatback fat

It’s a bit of an unforgiving look if you have an underband which is riding up and showing a lot of back fat under your top, or if your cup size is too small and you have got a ‘double boob’ look going on.  Take care to ensure that your bra fits correctly and that you measure yourself regularly to ensure your bra fits well.  You will feel more confident, uplifted, and look soo much better!

Top lingerie mishapsFlashing underwear out of trousers

We’ve all been there….you drop your keys, your hands are full, you bend down to try and pick them up, and only realise once the sniggering begins, that your underwear is peeking out of your trousers!!  You frantically try to pull them up, but your hands are still full with all your shopping, and by this point, the laughing has got louder!  Avoid such embarrassment by using hip huggers!  These elasticated belt-replacers will make sure that if you’ve bought jeans to fit your hips but not your waist, they will still fit perfectly!  They stretch across your belt loops and hold your jeans tightly in place to create a smooth look.

Accidental nipple flashstick on bra

The Holy Grail of all embarrassing situations.  There is nothing worse (especially if you don’t notice for a while, or if it’s caught on camera!)  The nipple flash has the potential to totally ruin not just your night, but your whole dignity and composure for a few days!  And how to avoid…?
a.)Wear a bra!  Use the stick-on invisible silicone ones if you’re desperate to avoid any straps
b.) If you insist upon going braless, wear flesh-toned (not transparent, see Emma Watson’s Celebrity Boob why not) nipple pasties or nipple covers.
c.) If you really want to go free and easy, use a little fashion tape to secure the material of your outfit to the side of your boob.  If you’re going to be throwing some serious shapes on the dancefloor, at least it will stay attached to your body!

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