In her own words, Aakriti Kochar, the young makeup expert describes herself thus, “I understand makeup as an art of enhancing one’s features, rather than just choice of colors. My style is very modern and contemporary. When I look at a face, I notice bare features and what can I do to make them look prettier. Colors in fact is the fun part of it, which we all love.” Having been in the industry for more than 3 years now, Kochar has had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands in fashion, media and events industry. Bridal makeup is her forte and serves a big market in Delhi and other cities in India as also abroad. Aakriti Kochar is now associated with renowned cosmetic brand, Oriflame India as their Beauty & Makeup Expert. In an exclusive chat with is Aakriti Kochar.
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What are the trends for bridal makeup this season?
Modern day brides always want makeup to look classic, so they don’t look dated in their photos. Every bride wants the eye to be the focus, from a dramatic smokey eye to a softer highlighted eye. The specific choice is based on the bride’s personality. When brides request a smokey eye, they almost immediately say, but ‘you know not heavy black'. Soft champagne and a brown, or a purple smokey eye is most popular. A soft pink lip, something that makes the skin look really healthy pairs well with a bolder eye.
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What secret would you like to share with upcoming brides? Any particular things that should be kept in mind?
For the makeup to turn out flawless, it is important to have a beautiful looking skin. Take good care of your skin and hair from months before your wedding. Eat right, drink lots of water, exercise and pamper your skin with mild beauty treatments depending on your skin type. Visit the salon once a month for beauty treatments and hair spa.

What are the must-haves in a bridal makeup trousseau?
Before you shop your trousseau, make sure you know the products and their usage. I’d advice before anything else,  a bride-to-be  should learn makeup on herself with some professional classes. These help you to choose your products effectively and know your shades. We might have all the best makeup kit, but application is the critical part. 
Once you are through with the classes, make sure to include these basics in your trousseau: makeup primer, foundation, concealer, compact, blush (shades of pink and peach), bronzer, eye shadow palette (shades of gold, browns, pinks, oranges), eye liners (most importantly – black), eye kohl, mascara, eye lash curler , Highlighter/ illuminator for face, lip pencils, lipsticks, lip gloss and most important, makeup brushes for correct application.
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When doing makeup for a bride, how do you decide on a particular look?
Before deciding on a look, it is important to study the features of the bride; the skin type, eye shape, bone structure, skin tone, etc. For example, for someone with an oblong face I’d minus the height of the hairstyle and keep it slicked back whereas for someone with a small/round face shape, I would give some height to the hairstyle to make the appearance of the face shape more oval than round. Apart from this, there are few tips one can keep it mind and you will never go wrong. Make sure your face is well contoured to make it look slimmer in pictures. Always opt for a bright blush in pink or peach depending on your outfit, this helps your face look radiant. Do not opt for nude lips, choose a soft tone in pink, orange, red with gloss to team with heavy eyes. If you prefer light eyes, you can carry bold lips with it. Do not over do with glitters or shimmers on eyes or face.

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Weddings mean long hours. What are the things that a bride should take care of in terms of make-up? 
For bridal makeup, professional makeup artists have products and techniques to make the makeup long lasting. Make sure you have made the right choice there! Generally, after the professional has done her work, you don’t have to worry about touch-ups. All one might need is a touch-up for lip gloss, which the bridesmaid can keep handy. 

Finally, how has the Indian bridal makeup evolved over the years?
Bridal makeup has evolved so much in last few years, from  heavy bases and shimmery eyes to subtle yet classy looks. Indian bridal makeup is all about beautiful eye makeup, as we are blessed with big and pretty eyes. This doesn’t restrain you from being experiment. There is still a lot to choose from, like smokey eyes, bold liner look. Few decades ago, Indian brides did not have much say on their beautification on the wedding day. Today they are more conscious about every aspect on the look. Decorating any hairstyle with flowers and other accessories are now almost history. Simple bun, plait, and pony tail have been replaced by modern wedding hairstyles in India.

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