While going completely without make-up may not be possible for a bride, it is very possible to keep it to the barest minimum and yet look flawless and radiant.

Gleaming Skin: Brides that would consider going with the barest minimum make-up are in all probability glowing with good health. Skin that looks lit-from-within and is very well looked after can easily carry off the minimal make-up look. Freshly scrubbed skin looks clean, smooth, shiny and there’s a variety of options available from rich body butters to very light water based moisturizers to keep all types of skin well hydrated and feeling soft.

Prep and Prime: For the face and neck, a good moisturizer provides the base for any kind of makeup. Follow this up with a quality primer as that will maximize radiance, minimize pores and provide that soft dewy look that lasts for hours.

Glossy Mane: The hair is an equally important part of a brides overall look, even though traditionally Indian brides have their head covered for the wedding ceremony, but for the engagement and the reception along with any other ceremonies that you might have, make sure your hair has that wow factor. With a huge variety of conditioners available today, from leave-in to spray on, anti-frizz serums to shine sprays, hair-care has never been easier.

Mesmerizing Eyes: Special attention needs to be paid to the eyes, especially if one is going for the little or no make-up look. Cut down on the salt intake a couple of days before the wedding as excessive salt can cause water retention and puffy eyes. Nicely cover the entire eye area with a concealer to hide any discolouration, or under-eye dark circles. Apply a hint of illuminator around the inner corners and subtly define with kohl and mascara to open up those peepers. Make sure the brows are in top shape as they act like a frame for the face.

Bridal Blush: Aim for the just been thoroughly kissed look with softly flushed cheeks and glossy lips with just a hint of colour, that’s your lip colour but only better. Warm peachy-pink blushes work best for Indian skin tone. Dab a hint of colour to the lips and use a light weight gloss or lip balm to add more finish.