Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hey Guys!
A lot of you have been requesting this video for a little while now.. I wish I could give my “glow” credit to being swept off my feet by my prince charming of a husband (haha sorry babe) but it has a lot to do with the mask that Ive been using for Spring/Summer. A lot of you guys have asked if I still used the Turmeric Mask.. YES I still use that mask, but I use it more for the Fall/Winter since it is a heavier moisturizing mask. When the weather is warm I like to brighten up my skin and exfoliate a little when I get a tan :)
Cant I just start off by saying that Pomegranates are like a miracle fruit! I dont get why a lot more skincare companies arent adding pomegranate to their lines! I know Korres has a pomegranate line but I think that their creams are a little too heavy for me, lets not forget a little pricey!
Let me give you a little background on Pomegranates and WHY theyre great for our skin. First off, in this video, Im using an actual pomegranate. Like I said in the video, you can use pomegranate juice if you cant find pomegranate, but honestly its better to use the fresh pomegranate because the seeds are a really great exfoliator. PLEASE make sure to blend the seeds properly, as they can sometimes have some sharp edges and you dont want that on your face. Not only should you be eating pomegranates, but you should be using them topically too! Ull notice amazing results.
Pomegranates have ellagic acid in it, which can help prevent wrinkles! It is also full of antioxidants which prevent free radicals! Free radicals damage your skin, and pomegranate helps rejuvenate your skin and help build new skin! On top of that, its full of Vitamins A, C and E which are great for keeping your skin supple and glowing. We all know how great vitamin C is for glowing skin and pomegranate is jam packed with that! Not only that, but it contains ZINC as well, so for us ladies/gentleman who suffer from acne, its great for treating and preventing acne as well!
Now lets talk about honey. Honey is great for the skin, but make sure you are using RAW honey, which is unprocessed honey. For this video, im using MANUKA honey. Manuka honey is what I like to call, honey on steroids!! Its the back in the day Arnold Swarchenegger beefed up version of honey! haha.. Although Manuka honey can be fairly expensive, you can get it on sale and the sale prices are amazing! I got my 250g tub for about 5-7$ I cant remember exactly. Lets talk about why Manuka honey is great for your skin. Manuka honey is an excellent moisturizer! It makes your skin look supple soft and glowing! It fights against aging since it also protects against free radicals! It regenerates skin cells, curing wrinkles, and is an anti inflammatory so it also helps fight against acne.
Pomegranate and Manuka honey together are a MAJOR Powerhouse for your skin!
I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and try it out!!
Besos <3

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