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Best Google Adsense Alternatives For 2012

Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2012The best Google adsense alternatives for 2012. Today getting verified Adsense account is really very difficult and time-consuming. If you are an Asian, then theirs only sixty to seventy percent chances that you will get verified by Google.
But then in this whole internet, Adsense is not the only place and way to make money. There are hundreds of other services ready to serve you, and only few of them requires any domain verification before making you as their publisher.
In this article I will be discussing on few of these best Google Adsense alternatives for 2012. Just get you hands on them. You can trust my review on these companies, because I have joined them and I am sharing my real thoughts about them. On many of them, I have already written a whole complete review, you can also check them out.

Simply The Best Google Adsense Alternatives For 2012

So finally below is the list of best services which can help you make money with your website or with your hard work. I have created the list in the ascending manner. So it means the first company is voted as [ number 1 ] by me ” personally “.


This service was originally co-founded in the year of 2003, based in Massachusetts. Chitika is originally a CPC ad serving company ( Cost Per Click ) and can be used with Adsense without any trouble or violation, since its not contextual ( Make sure link colors are different ).
Why I love It ?
I think just ” only and only ” because of its ads serving. I mean it will never stop showing adverts on your websites. Even if your content doesn’t match to any advertisers requirement. Then Amazon affiliate products will the shown in stylish manner. The second thing is their Maps Ads. And finally third is their adverts specially designed for Mobile phones, For which they are world known. I have tracked the data, and I know I have made more money with Chitika as compared to Google Mobile Ads.
So easy and no special requirements. What you just need, is to make sure you have provided real data to Chitika. You should also add your domain to specified directory, and please don’t add any adult content in your website or blog. Now even you blog is just 1 month old or is getting less than 100 visits per-day, you will still get verified.

INFOLINKSInfolinks : Wanna Make Money Every Visit

It was established back in 2007. Today it is the market leader in serving in-text advertisements. I have already made a complete review on this service : Infolinks Review. Make sure to use this service, and you will see the differences on your own.
My Personal Thoughts
I just love infolinks, and I really mean it. I was amazed to see the results when I installed their plugin and started using their service for not more than one week. In that my blog received ( approximately ) total of 3800 ( organic visits ). And I made something around $8, which was far better than Adsense ( just $4.68 : exactly ).
Really easy, and will verify you website, even if you have started it just today. What really matters is the availability. I mean you website should not be offline or else you will never be able to verify it again ( I personally think so ).

LINKWORTHLinkWorth : Make Maximum Profit

This company is based in Dallas, Texas. It is one of most powerful and innovative place for both advertisers and publishers. Currently their network is serving ads to total of 3,054,132,201 plus pages. And they totally have more than 150,344 partners. Check out the complete review : Linkworth Review
Do I Love It ? I Don’t Know
If you want to make some good money with Linkworth, then your website or blog needs to have good pagerank, viewers and authority inbound links. Actually you get full control on the ads which will be displayed on your site. You are fully responsible for them. You can also bid as much as you want, but remember to have competitive prices or else no one will come to bid for your blog or website.
They can verify any website, but you should include your website to required directory. You should also give correct information about your content. Also make sure you all almost every advertisement options. Currently every publisher gets seven different methods to make money. And at the same time every advertiser get total seven different ways to advertise. : Best Google Adsense Alternative

It is one of the best and most reviewed service. It also have five-star rated WordPress plugin, in wordpress plugin directory. You will get paid every time and every week, but once your income reaches $25. I have been using this service for last three months, and I never suffered any problems with my payouts, and this service actually gives my monthly pocket-money ( additionally ).
I can Say : I Love It
Can you make upto $209 with just 1000 views. I don’t think even big networks like cnet would be making it. is a paid to view or Paid to click network. You get paid when any visitor goes through the redirecting link provided by this service. Currently provided something around 3 different ways to make money. One is content gateway, second id just passing link with full width banners and third is passing links with small banner adverts.
You will maximum income with content locking download links. Last month I have made something around $98 with approx 900 visitors to my links. Below is the proof. But I want to clarify that I don’t use this service on regular basis. Inorder to make some good amount, I have to create some videos, and they need to go viral. So finally I add the download links to them which passes through their service.
There is no verification or something similar to it. What is most important, is to remember the link publishing requirements. You can register to for free and can start making money within minutes.


Established back in 200. It is one of the most famous Google Adsense alternative. Although You won’t be making even the half of the money you would make with Adsense. But then if you want instant advertisement on your website, then its perfect for you.
Oh Yeah : Use it Own Your own Risk
No .. No .. No .. I will never suggest this service, even to my worst enemies. I have tried their advert serving on my blog for one week, and I made not more than $0.76. I simply make more than 10 times in one day with affiliate sales.
Verification : They Don’ t Care
Yeah, I mean my words. Just try it yourself. They really don’t care about the traffic, about the visitor types and about the contents. they will simply verify you. They also don’t have good number of advertisers, and their payout rate is also very less.
Kontera Ads
Kontera Ads


Just an alternative to infolinks. One of the another best alternative. But no so much powerful. If you have been with infolinks, and if you have used it on your website, then you must have noticed, their would be no increase in page load time. But then just give a kontera a simple try. I think you total page load time will surely increase by almost half seconds ( at-least it happens with me ).
My Personal Views
I will never use this service. Since I am spending a lot of time, optimizing my blog’s speed and design. The second thing is the advertisement options. You own get too many options to chose from. Third is their competitors, and they are far better than this service.
Verification Process
Its very similar to Infolinks. You have to select appropriate category and sub categories. You have to specify the site details and then with for the review to be conducted. Once approved, install their java-script file to your footer area, and then have make money.
Now these were the few of world know companies. But there are still hundred of different Google adsense alternatives.  I have also shared an article on how I made money with Squidoo and Hubpages. I wish you will like this article and suggest any other services in the comment area.