Saturday, 20 October 2012

Makeup Styles For A White Dress

White is a universally accepted bridal colour. It is also one of the common colours worn to work or formal occasions. There is also an element of festivity in white. So white is a colour that can be interpreted in a million of ways. That is why there are numerous ways to do makeup with a white dress. Each of these makeup styles will give you a different look.
Here are 4 plain ways to do makeup with a white dress.
Makeup Styles For A White Dress
The Bridal Look: A bride must never do makeup with very bright colours. A soft, toned down look with nude colours is the best look for the bride. So, use a white eyeliner over the black kohl to highlight your eyes. Use a peach coloured lipstick and the same shade of rouge for your cheeks. You can add some fake eye lashes to make your eyes look dainty.
The Corporate Look: White is one of safest colours to wear for an important meeting at work. However, you must follow the right makeup style to make it look good. A shade of brown on your lips will just look great. Use a coffee brown or cocoa brown shade as your eyeliner. Kohl does not look professional so skip it. Use a skin-toned eye shadow and very little or no rouge.
Party Look: If you are going out to a nightclub then its going to be totally dark with occasional flashes of light. White will make you shine above the clutter. But, makeup for a white dress that is worn to a club has to be sizzling. Use red lipstick to its full potential to give yourself pouty lips. A glitter blue eyeliner is a cool way to highlight your eyes. Use lots of gold dust, bronze and copper in this makeup style. Your makeup should reflect light and glitter in the dark!
Family Dinner Look: White is one of the most versatile colours that you can wear. So when your mother-in-law organises a family dinner, choose white. Team up your white dress with makeup that looks domestic. Pink and peach are some good colours to use for a family dinner. Ditch the red lipstick, its too sexy and go for a mild and more feminine pink. Your rouge too should be peach-pink shade. Use a shinny pink shade for eyeshadow. Use plain black kohl to draw your eyes to look like a domestic goddess. You can use the white eyeliner here too. Will add some 'oomph' to the otherwise plain look.
These are some different styles of makeup to try with a white dress. Which one do you think will suit you the most?

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