Saturday, 20 October 2012

Different Ways To Use A Kohl/Kajal

Do you know that a single makeup product can be used in a number of ways. Some makeup application tips are so useful that you can readily use in your day to day life. There are more than one ways in which you can apply a kajal or kohl. Check out the different manners in which you can apply a kajal.
Different Ways To Use A Kohl/Kajal
Under the eyes- This is for obvious reasons the first place to apply a kohl. For centuries women have been doing this for highlighting their eyes. For example whether you want a thin line beneath your eyes or a thicker one, all depends on you. The darker the line the more sensous you will look. It also depends on the look that you are carrying.
As an eyeliner- Instead of using an eyeliner you can also use a kajal for the same purpose. Apply a kajal on the eyelids in the same pattern as you use an eyeliner. It is better if you slightly stretch the lines on the outer edges of the eye. This is one of the makeup tips that will go with almost any Western or Indian outfit. It is also the latest of all the eye makeup do's.
Bindi- A bindi goes well with an Indian attire. Just take the tip of the kohl and make a small dot in the middle of your eyebrows. The size of the bindi may vary according to your wish. An Indian look is incomple without a bindi.
As an eyeshadowApply the kohl to get a dark eye makeup. Dark eyes are in vogue and they look great on any dress. Dab some kohl into your fingers and then gently apply it on your upper eyelids. You can also apply a light shade of kohl on any eyeshadow to make it look a tone darker.
Hide Grey Hair- Have greys and want to hide them? Apply some kajal on the hair and make it look naturally black within minutes.
Eyebrow liner- Apply a kajal to shape the eyebrows. A kajal is thus a perfect eyebrow liner to carry in your makeup kit.
Hide bald patches- It happens to be one of the smartest waysto hide bald patches with a kajal. If you have some bald patches that you want to hide, then apply little bit of kajal on the same area. This of course works for only small bald patches, and not the big ones.
Shape hairline- You can shape your uneven hairline with a kajal. Many times due to front hairfall the shape of your hairline becomes uneven and looks bad at occasions. To avoid any embarrassment for silly things as such, just gently pass the kohl once on your hairline and see the wonder.
Try all these makeup application tips and save both time and money.

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