Monday, 29 October 2012

13 Things Not To Do for Forever Young Skin

13 Things Not To Do for Forever Young Skin
After spending endless amount of money on cosmetics and salon treatments, Are you still in search for the fountain of youth?  Well, you will be surprised to know, that how certain habits are ruining your appearance.
Here are the 13 culprits which you tend to ignore:-

1. You are what you eat: If you do not want oily and greasy skin, then refrain from eating junk food, oily chips and the alike.
2. Volunteering for free make-up at kiosks: Well we know it might be very hard to turn a blind eye to that professional enchanting touch and instant make-over but watch your steps ladies. You do not want to trust a bunch of marketing students trying to smooth talk you into trying something to improve their selling skills at the cost of your skin!

3. All fabrics are not for you: Even if an expensive fabric does not feel good on your skin, do not get bulldozed into wearing it. All fabrics are not skin-friendly. Give your new clothes a good wash before wearing them.
4. Last moment trials: Bridal spa packages can sure be very attractive, but do not be in the last minute rush to avail them. One bride’s experience should be another bride’s lesson. We know a bride-to-be who never got herself any face treatments, however decided to go for a complete face clean-up which did not augur well for her skin type.
5. Bleaching: If you do not have the time to bleach your skin at home, do visit the salon by all means, but be careful of what bleach they are actually using. The Spas and Salons could ask you to choose from all sorts of fancy names and yet apply the same cream and activator that they have bought in bulk.
6. Rubbing the towel on the skin: Dab, dab and only dab your gorgeous skin with the towel. Even if you use skin wipes to wipe the sweat beads of your face and neck; be gentle. You perspire through skin pores that are better left unprovoked.
7. Using sunscreen only on sunny days: A day of overcast is no reason to ditch the sunscreen. The sunscreen protects you from ultra violet (UVA & UVB) rays that are present during all daylight hours and winter months even if the sun is playing hide and seek.
8. Get your Vitamin D in wee and not peak hours: Sun is a natural source of Vitamin D which is essential for the body indeed, but you would do your skin much good by taking a walk in the early morning beautiful sun than in the scorching red hot sun.
9. Smoking and Tobacco: Out of sight, out of mind could probably go for the damages smoking does to your internal organs that you cannot see earlier on in life, but not when it takes a toll on your skin. Smoking begets ageing.
10. When you don’t sleep in your party wear then why the make-up: Let your skin breathe in comfort. Wearing make-up to bed could leave your skin feeling less hydrated, and as a result your skin will produce oil to moisturise itself, making you wake up to an oily skin.
11. Using make-up removal pads: Gone are the days when one had to put lotion to a dab of cotton and remove make-up. Now, you just need to take an already soaked in lotion make-up removal pad from its container, and let it work its magic of making the make-up disappear. While these pads may seem gentle on eyes, be sure to wash your face with clean water after their use.
12. Menace of Shaving: Always use shaving gels or creams before using the razor and shave in the direction of hair growth not against it.
13. Skin packs and scrubs: Any part of your body that you have just scrubbed or used some pack on, should not be exposed to sunlight.

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