Thursday, 6 September 2012

Overloaded On Blush? Try This Quick Tip

Unless you’re auditioning for the part of Bozo the Clown; bright, overdone blush is always a no-no. However, I know the feeling of enjoying the fluffy brush on your skin… it feels so soft and nice, and then before you know it – bam! – blush is everywhere and your face looks ridiculous.
While reaching for the makeup remover might be the logical thing to do, try not to. Removing your blush with makeup remover will cause a streaky mess; not to mention it will also remove your foundation, so you’ll have to pretty much redo all your makeup again. Lazy girls, rejoice! You can easily soften your blush in two quick, easy steps. All you have to do is grab a cotton ball and some loose powder. I say cottonball as opposed to tissue, because tissue is a bit harsh and doesn’t look as natural in the end.
Once you’ve gotten what you need, gently sweep the cottonball across your blush in a circular motion, and it will carefully pick up some of your blush. When your blush is at it’s desired ‘effect’, grab a fluffy brush and apply one quick layer of loose powder on top of your cheeks. Voila – clown blush is gone!

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