Thursday, 6 September 2012


Moving on...The secret to good make up application (aside from practice, of course) is blending. I've noticed that this is often ignored with concealers, blush, eyeshadow, etc. For your own sake, BLEND BLEND BLEND. 

Unless you want to look like this....

It looks really bad, right? Horrible, even. (haha!) I'm guessing they powdered her nose and her undereyes without bothering to blend it all over her face. 

Here's another example, when you don't blend your blush (or put too much).

When your blush looks like this, it does NOT look natural at all.....(Unless, that's the look you're going for.) It's useful to have a powder/blush brush hanging around for this. Also, make sure you have powder BEFORE applying blush. Failure to do so results in that cakey/unblended blush look because your face may be oily. If you're applying cheek tint or a cream blush, however, it's best to apply your liquid/cream foundation first or a moisturizer so that you can easily blend it on your skin. This will not be possible if you already apply powder. 

If you feel you already applied too much blush, just grab your face powder and add another layer. This will help remove and cover up a bit of the extra. :)

Blended eyeshadow VS. Un-Blended Eyeshadow

The blended eyeshadow looks a lot better, with the color diffused. It keeps you from looking like a raccoon. Haha! Just keep on blending the edges of your eyeshadow until you can't tell where the eyeshadow ends or begins. The best blending brush for me is the MAC 217. I've been using it for myself as well as my clients and it blends eyeshadows flawlessly... I promise it will give you pro looking lids. :)

I hope this helps improve your make up looks! :) 

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