Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What to wear for Diwali

This lovely reader of our blog is invited to celebrate Diwali with her fiance’s family and although a big fan of the sari is just not comfortable in them and salwar kameez is not her cup of tea. She wanted us to create a lookbook for her like a skirt with a traditional twist but while looking for the skirt I found that you could also mix and match a lehenga just like we do with salwar suits. So after a couple of emails back and forth, we decided on a lehenga lookbook. Isn’t it lovely? The skirt and the top are from Globus, the dupatta from shopersstop.
Most ready-made lehengas cost a bomb and they come with really short tops that requires you to show off your midriff, and although that’s how the look is supposed to be, unless you have a flat, toned tummy it’s not easy to pull off. This one’s just the right one if you have a problem such as that ;)
If you want to go for a traditional look with a skirt check out this post we did earlier.
P.S. In most Indian households, guests are expected to remove their footwear before entering the house so just make sure your skirt/sari doesn’t fall too long else, you’ll end up looking frumpy.
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