Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Learn about your Body Shape

Everybody is born with a different body shape. Hourglass, pear, apple, round or slim? Which body shape do you have?  It is very important to know which body type you belong to so that you can set practical goals to get slim and fit body. It is also essential to identify your body shape so that you should be aware which body part needs more attention to get into good shape.
Science says whether you are man or woman your body type can easily be determined by genetics. You may most likely share same body shape as your parents, brother or sisters as body type is a genetic trait and it is almost impossible to have different body shape.
Generally we possess one out four different types of body shape. So let’s find out your body type and how you can get the most from your exercises and diet.
  1. Apple Body Shape: If you have comparatively heavy upper part than your waist down area then you have apple body type. In this you have a slim at waist down area and your shoulder and chest are broader than usual size.
Exercise: You have to put more concentration on your chest, shoulders and arms as the person having this body type tends to gain weight in these three areas specifically. Involve yourself in aerobic training for slim down and lose body fat. In aerobic exercise you can balance out your whole body from lower part to chest, shoulders and arms also. You can also try exercises like stair climbing, running, legs squats, legs presses, walking on an incline and deadlifts.
  1. Pear Body Shape: This body type is generally broader at the waist line and thinner at upper part. In this body type you put on weight particularly around the hips and thighs.
Exercise: Focus more on around hips, thighs and legs. Try exercises which greatly balance out upper half along with bottom half of the body. You should try to slim down the lower half of your body if you have pear body type. Involve in aerobic exercises that work out your bottom part and resistance/strength training to build up upper body. Other great activities are walking, cycling, skipping, push ups, chin ups, elliptical training and shoulder presses.
  1. Round Body Shape: People with this type of body type gain weight almost at every part of body around the tummy, thighs, hips and breast area. Such body type requires paying attention on whole body to lose weight and get into shape.
Exercise: If you have round body type then indulge yourself in cardio, aerobic and resistance/strength training to shed extra kilos for all bulky parts of the body. In order to get symmetrical body shape you need to involve routinely all muscle groups workout properly. Mainly focus on stretching, step classes, spinning, squats, walking, jogging, running, sit ups, bench presses and shoulder press exercises.
  1. Hourglass Body Shape: This type of body shape is dream of every girl or woman and they die to get this body type at any cost. People having this body type have a curvy body with proportionate breast and hip area.
Exercise: Such body type individuals need not to worry much about weight loss. You need to focus on light cardio to look after your weight and resistance training to make a balance between your top and bottom parts. You can also indulge into aerobic exercise for whole body workout. Try slow jogging, swimming, jumping rope, shoulder presses and squats to remain in perfect shape and size.
  1. Slim Body Shape: Individuals having slim or athletic body shape are low on curves and generally appear taller than normal height. Such people have low tendency to gain weight and have thinner bone structure as well.
Exercise: If you have this body type you need to concentrate more on muscle training and need not to worry about weight training to stay in your shape.
So share with us which body type you have and suggest what exercises give you maximum benefit to earn attractive and perfect body shape. Your Suggestion may be helpful for others too. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this.

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