Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wearing Winter Snow Boots

Since the winter is quickly approaching, I thought this would be a good time to talk about wearing winter boots with your work clothing. Sheepskin boots are some of the best known and sold winter snow boots around, but the problem with them is that they might not always work logically into your work outfits. That does not mean that you can only wear certain clothes with sheepskin shoes. You just have to make sure you wear your clothes in the right way. As long as you have a job with a relatively flexible dress code, you should be able to wear these warm foot covers whenever you go to work. Follow some simple fashion techniques if you want to have a good experience with your winter shoes.
Wearing Jeans with Snow Boots

When it comes to wearing jeans with winter snow boots, it is usually best to tuck them in the top of the shoes. That prevents the bottom of your pants from getting wet, and it prevents you from having to get tight jeans over bulky boots. While there are some wide legged pants that can go over the top of sheepskin boots, most of them cannot. Thus you may actually want to wear skinny jeans to make the tucking as simple as possible. You can also look for straight legged or boot cut jeans that will not have much flair because those will have less fabric to hassle with. Try on a few pairs with the boots so you can see what looks best on your body. You may not be able to wear this as a forensic psychologist, but you should be able to in most basic college jobs.
Wearing Leggings with Snow Boots

You can also wear leggings in the winter that can tuck into your winter snow boots. These will be thin enough to tuck in easily, but they will be warm enough to protect you from the harsh temperatures outside. You can wear a long sweater on top to cover up your back end from the tight look of leggings, and then you can even add a belt for some definition above. Just make sure that the sweater is still somewhat close to the body so you do not look too disproportionate. Your leggings can make your legs look too thin if you do not balance them well.
Wearing Skirts with Snow Boots

Instead of wearing a sweater op top with your winter snow boots on, why not wear a skirt and a cute shirt? Make sure the skirt is an appropriate length for work, but don’t be afraid to have a little leg showing. You can still wear leggings or hosiery, but this way you can layer more interesting pieces on the body. Some people may question wearing a short skirt on top of a pair of winter boots, but this will not be a cold outfit with the leggings in place. You will be able to create a look that you love, all with a pair of sheepskin boots at the base.
Add Winter Accessories

Your snow boots may look a little odd with a tank top and a seashell necklace, so make sure you select winter-appropriate accessories to wear. You can add a scarf or a pair of mittens to the outfit, and then you will look like you actually fit in during the winter. Not all jobs will allow you to do this, so make sure you check with your employer before you show up at work out of your uniform. That theory applies to any of the suggestions above. The last thing you want is to be fired because of a wardrobe malfunction. With the tips above, you should be well on your way to creating work-friendly winter ware.

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