Monday, 5 November 2012

Style with Sweater Dress

Style with Sweater Dress

In season is changing this, it could not hurt to keep collecting sweaters. Clothing barrier this winter now can you meet with a variety of models. 

One of them is a sweater dress, the sweater that reaches to the knee. To be sure, fashion is not merely a body warmers can only be used as a coating other fashion. So, if you want stylish clothes with this one, peep first tip to get around the sweater dressstyle impressed. 

1.    Wear tights / leggings and belt to give the impression of a formal and elegant. 
2.    Ankle boots, sneakers, and flat shoes would be very interesting if it was imposed together with a sweater dress you. 
3.    Better not wear jeans with wide cut at the bottom. Instead, choose a pencil or skinny models. 
4.    For sweater dress or cardigan buttoned model, can be combined with amini dress or long shirt to add to accentuate the style.

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