Thursday, 1 November 2012

Latest hair accessory tends

 Satin hairbands with jewelled brooch centres gave the voluminous hairstyles a feminine touch. 

 Hair pins accessoried with golden stars adorned the windswept up-dos. 

Burnt ribbons used to fasten the loose ponytails at the nape of models' necks. 

Skinny black hairbands provided a Sixties-style glamour.

Glittering hair clips custom-made .

Black latex  wrapped around dominatrix-style ponytails for a slick, sexy finish. 

jewelled clips at the back of the head 

Up-dosfastened at one side with large, coloured kirby grips, lending a Twenties chic.

Lacquered barrettes were the perfect final touch for Eugene Souleiman's swept-back ponytails.

By- Vogue

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