Monday, 5 November 2012

“How do you dress casually for outdoor in winter?”

3 Casual Outdoor Winter Fashion

he way we dress for winter depends largely on the temperature. We can be more playful with our outfit if the coldness doesn´t hit freezing degrees, otherwise we´ll have to bundle up for warmth and survive the challenge of still looking stylish while completely covered up. When it´s really really cold, it´s easy to give in to laziness and just throw over those thick wool pieces that have already proven their capability especially if you´re just to dress casually.
But I´ve got girls looking for more interesting casual outdoor winter looks. Yes, winter fashion is never boring. There are many ways to amp up your bundled look with style. Check out these 3 winter outfits I´ve created below.

1. Cozy and Girly

The idea of this look is keeping things girly, a little flirty and cozy. I picked a really gorgeous crew-neck sweater dress with intarsia pattern because I focus on your look after you take off that coat. When you´re in the mall or in a restaurant, it´s usually warm enough to remove your coat. How delicious you´d look.
In order to maintain the attitude while you´re layered up, I went for a classic black trench coat that hits just an ich over your sweater dress, teamed with black leggings and very interesting riding boots, accessorized with orange handbag and knitted black gossip girl hat, you have all you need for a fabulous winter look.
casual outdoor winter fashion1
Sweater Dress, Boots, Leggings, Coat, Bag, Hat

2. Edgy in Parka

They say that Parka is the ugliest coat however, it´s something that guarantees to keep you warm when the temperature is ultimately freezing. I did see some really ugly Parka coats, but with the advent of their reinterpretations, a lot of recent parka versions are definitely stylish. This Jessica Simpson version is one. I love its fit, texture and that fur trim hood detail.
This look is great if you´re in need of some warmer layering. Wear this Parka coat over a turtleneck black sweater and black skinny winter jeans. Make things very interesting by pairing these pieces with a military-inspired pair of boots. I intentionally kept all things in black because this color preserves more warmth, which you actually need. But always inject color on your outfit, like this rich green tote bag.
Casual Outdoor Winter Fashion
Coat, Sweater, Jeans, Boots, Bag

3. Vibrant and Trendy

You can keep things trendy for winter too by creating some color-blocking. Wear a really vibrant red coat. I love this one from Asos because of its large fold down collar, central button placket to the front with long sleeves and a swing A-line shape. Complement it with a striking yellow handbag and keep the rest in black. A pair of sleek black boot look with a cozy faux fur upper is perfect for an extra comfort and style.
Casual Outdoor Winter Fashion3
Coat, Jeans, Sweater, Boots, Bag, Gloves
What tricks do you use to keep things interesting yet cozy for cold days?

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