Thursday, 22 November 2012

Home remedies for removal of moles

Moles sometimes look cute on your face and enhance the beauty of your face and on the other angle somemoles are on such parts of your face which destroy your beauty and can be embarrassing as well. Growth of moles can occur due to proliferation of pigmented cells, exposure to sunlight or may be heredity. But you do not need to worry at all because here are somehome remedies by following which you can get rid ofmoles. Following are a few mentioned:

1) Mix a pinch of baking soda with few drops of castor oil and then apply this paste on moles. Keep it throughout the night and repeat this process for a few days.
2)Take extract of milkweed herb and apply on the mole. Keep it throughout the night and repeat this process till a week in order to see visible results.
3) You can also take and Crush vitamin C tablets and apply them on moles. Then cover with adhesive bandage.
4)Apply tea tree oil on the mole area and massage gently. Repeat this process from 7-10 days in order to see effective results.
5)Apply tincture of iodine using cotton bud and rub on the mole. Try till 2-3 days and you will observe the mole to start vanishing. Do this before going to bed.
Try any of these methods and you will surely see the results.

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