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Flowers Beauty Treatments and Medicines

Flowers Beauty Treatments and Medicines | Jasmine Controls Skin Diseases
Flowers Beauty Treatments
It is a tradition to decorate the   Batukamma with different flowers like Tangedu, hibiscus, Sunflower, chrysanthemum, forest jasmine. These flowers are not only for the purpose of decoration but there are medicinal values in these flowers. In this season, if the smell of theseflowers touches the nose, all the parts in the body get activated and there will be chemicals changes in the body. All these kinds of activities in the body are good for the health according to the ayurvedic specialists. There are many scientific and health ideas in the traditions and culture.  Various kinds of flowers are   used for functions and festivals. These flowers are having ayurvedicqualities though they are used for beauty or for health purpose. In the past Charakudu and Vagbhattudu   used various flowers for curing many kinds of diseases as proved in the Ayurveda. Especially the qualities in the flowers which are used for the Bathukamma Boddemma are having many medicinal values.

These flowers are called as Charmangs in Ayurveda. These flowers are seen in bunches during the rainy season and are yellow in color. There are two to three varieties in this flower. This flowercontrols phlegm. This flower is used in curing health problems like motions, diabetic, hair fall, headache, and the white and red discharge problems in ladies.
Hibiscus flowers:

This flower is also called as Jhandu and Genda. These flowers are available in different colors like yellow, white and red in color and in different shapes like round, small and big sizes during the winter season. With these flowers the araka is   prepared and is taken through mouth. By taking a few drops of this oil and mixing with water, the problems like urinary bladder, constipation and piles can be controlled. The oil which is prepared from this flower is used for   problems like reddish   eyes and other eye problems. It controls ulcers in the stomach. The place is free from the mosquitoes and flies where these flowers are there.
Chrysanthemum Flower:

This flower is also called as Satapathri. This is a beautiful blossomed flower. The flowers which are available in yellow and white color are liked by the goddess Saraswathi and Parvathi. This flower is also used as a room freshener. The oil which is extracted from this flower is used as a layer to control the wounds that are caused by the infection and skin diseases. By taking bath using theseflowers in   hot water keeps away the bad odor from the skin. This is also used in Aroma Therapy. This flower is having the quality to control   allergies very quickly. One of the doctors of England has used the oil which is made from this flower for batch therapy.
Ganneru or Oleander Flower:

The oleander flower is one of the important flowers in the celebrations of Bathukamma. This floweris in pink and white color.  This flower is used as a pain killer and good medicine for the blood pressure. As taking the flowers through the mouth directly is dangerous, people   take this in the form of small tablets.

There are kinds in these flowers like forest jasmine and Jaaji. Any kind of jasmine in this flower will be thick in size. The smell of this flower when touched to the heart gives relaxation to heart and mind. The flower of this family is very good for controlling   skin diseases.


  1. Your blog information about Tangedu, hibiscus, Sunflower, chrysanthemum, forest jasmine flowers are more nice to read it.And in my home i have a "hibiscus" plant.I did not take interest on that plant still now.But now i am going to pore more water to make it to grow well.And also i will start a search on other three flowers also(.Tangedu, Sunflower, chrysanthemum.)

  2. In ayurveda we use some flowers as a medicines in beauty products and it is very important for skins. Ashwagandha for Alzheimers

  3. thanks for this usefull article, waiting for this article like this again. Organic Skin Care