Monday, 5 November 2012

Fashion Trend – Neon

Fashion Trend – Neon
Fashion Trend – Neon
Ever since color blocking came over last summer, neon colors are all over the place. But it didn’t do too well after the take off as it can come off as tacky when not put together well. However this season there are plenty of more sophisticated neon fashion items to choose from. Whether you have a bag fetish or you are a jewelry aficionado neons are the go to colors for this season.
For the uninitiated neon are bright fluorescent colors (the ones you see on highlighters like fluorescent yellow, orange, green, pink and blue). These colours are very luminescent in nature and hence can be worn solid as a base or as an accent depending on your style, personality, the occasion and your body type.Neon is not easy to wear and you need to take effort to put them together. Here are some ideas on how you could incorporate neons into your ward robe.
Neon dresses: Neon T shirts are so passe, neon dresses (knee length or shorter) are the latest trend. The shorter ones can be paired with jeggings or fitted jeans and the longer ones can just be worn as a dress, as is or with a blazer if required. Accessorize with some long chains for a smart look.
Neon Pants: If you have the body type and the attitude to carry it off, then there’s nothing like pairing fitted fluorescent denim with a black/white tank/ Tshirt and a blazer. Accessorize with gladiator styled heels in black/white and you are good to go.
Muted neons: Think neons are too bright for you? Mute them by layering them with a sheer fabric like tulle or lace. Or you could take a cue from Louis Vuitton ads and sport dress with cut work or cut outs in them with neon lining.
Neon accessories: Try your hand at some spring colour blocking by teaming neon shoes with faded pastel clothing. Colourful, oversized clutches are an on-trend choice of accessory. Big totes in neon (esp. green) also do work really well. It is not necessary that all neon bags will be in plastic or coated materials. These days you get neon bags/ clutches made of leather and jute too. But if you like the frosted finish of the water proof bags, then you are in luck, for that is in trend too.
Neon Jewelry: Most big brands in costume jewelry are into neon these days. Big chunky stones in fluorescent green, orange and pink, when put together create quite an impact. Obviously, they are expensive. So the easiest way is to buy white rhinestone jewelry, according to your taste and budget (most local markets and malls stock them) and color them with a few coats of funky nail polish colours. You can even add pieces of neon rope or ribbon to make them look unique. Team such pieces with something simple like a black dress and heels for a truly stunning look.
Don’t like too much of neon, then use it as an accent in your clothes and accessories. A piping here, a patch there is enough to make your clothes look trendy this season. So go on pick up some neon colors and highlight your wardrobe with them.

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