Friday, 5 October 2012

Winter Fashion

With the chills already permeating the air, it’s about time that we dive in, and give you some essential advice and tips on fashion for girls during winter in India. Warm yourself, and read through this guide to ensure that you’re as fashionable as ever, despite the winter chill.

We hope that you’ve already read our hair tips for winter; in case you haven’t you really should. Anyway, let’s get back to fashion.

Indian winters can be quite cold, which is why it’s important that what you wear, and how you wear it, ensures that your body is well protected from the chill, while upping the style quotient up by leaps and bounds.

Let’s begin with some simple tips that will keep you looking hot and fashionable despite the record low temperatures this winter in India:

Layers are the way to go!
Mastering the art of layering your clothes is essential if you want to look good despite mother nature’s many moods. While some some people may believe that showing some skin is always stylish, here’s the truth – they look desperate!

Since we know that you wouldn’t want that for yourself, it’s a good idea to adhere to a simple philosophy with your attire – dress appropriately, dress fashionably.

During this season, one should ideally be wrapped in at least two thick layers of fabric, that is of course if you don’t intend to become a popsicle!

Your final layer should be a cool, trendy, and comfortable coat. If you’re a little adventurous with your fashion statement, you could always go for a black coat with fluffy collar.

Choosing the right fabrics.
If you don’t want your fashion quotient to sink a single centigrade with the chill outside, the only way to do that is to select the right kind of fabrics.

For the winter, the quintessential fashion rule for girls is to go for something that keeps you warm, but isn’t necessarily the sweater your grandmother knit for you. Don’t get us wrong, we love our grandmothers. Hey, we would probably even fall for yours!

The idea here is to select a subtle color. Basically anything that doesn’t cause a third person to scowl at your flamboyance.

Fabrics like cashmere and velvet are obvious recommendations, but since they are a little on the insanely-expensive side, stick with sensible shades of dyed wool to keep yourself warm.

Colors are important.
Since a lot of people associate the winters in India to be dry, morose, and colorless, it’s time for you to change that. Opt for the typical, yet “hot”, colors like black and red.

You could even step out and flaunt a dress, just make sure that your coat is warm enough to keep the shivers away. Chattering teeth are far from attractive, they are, to be put subtly, just blah!

Step out flaunting a color that nobody would expect to see in the season, and you’re guaranteed to roll more than a few eyeballs in your direction.

Remember though, not covering yourself adequately will just make you look rather desperate. Don’t make that mistake!

Pale skin is a major turnoff!
Indian men and women have a natural wheatish-complexion. During the winters, if you don’t take care of yourself well, that complexion tends to go sideways giving one a distinct dry look. You really should avoid that.

Eat right, sleep enough, and take care of your body – these three tips will help you look good in a wide range of clothes. Speaking of one’s complexion, always keep it in mind while getting dressed.

For example, sky blue doesn’t look very flattering on people who have a wheatish complexion, but it looks simply stunning on those with a dusky or dark complexion.

Makeup is your friend, girls!
Using makeup isn’t something that one should exercise only during a particular season. Keep things simple during the winters, since makeup tends to dry up much too fast.

Get smoky eyes by using an eye liner, full lashes are great too, and of course, don’t forget to get some color on your cheeks. These basics will keep you looking beautiful, and dare we say, smoking hot!

Fashionable accessories are a must for girls regardless of what the weather is like outside. If you tend to wear a lot of black, then carry a glossy black handbag along with it.

Go for long earrings that dangle to mid-neck. The idea here is to draw attention to your face, rather than your body, simply because most of it is covered in multiple layers anyway.

You could try wearing a gold necklace which looks stunning against some darker colored clothing, but it probably isn’t going to be an option as the winters advance during December and January, which are the coldest months in India.

Let us know what you think of these tips on fashion for girls during winter in India. You can always give us your own suggestions, tips, and recommendations for girls in the comments below

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