Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Ultimate Grooming Guide for Grooms

The Ultimate Grooming Guide for Grooms
Your bachelor days are soon to end and very soon you will be a responsible family man. It is a major change in your life and you need to be prepared mentally for this event. What you also need is to be physically prepared for your D-Day. Pampering yourself can make you look and feel good on your wedding day. You can walk the aisle alongside your bride looking brilliantly gorgeous. So let’s begin the ride of a groom’s grooming guide.
Perfect Fit: You may gain or lose weight just before your wedding, do not panic. Keep enough seam line for the last moment alterations.
Dress Right:  Today’s groom has a wide range of wedding attires like Sherwani, Jodhpuris etc. He has to choose the right outfit keeping in mind his body shape, tradtion, weather and a certain style. You can mix traditional wear with a touch of modernity by wearing a standing collar on your jodhpuri dhoti/trouser. If you are short heighted make sure you go for a dhoti that is above ankle length and match it with a bandh gala or sherwani. Safa will add to your appearance. On the other hand if you are tall and skinny avoid dark shades.
Skinny: Such people should have a lot of detailing and embellishment on wedding attire. Avoid accessories as they might make you appear flashy. A stiff shoulder kurta/sherwani will look good.
Round Shape: Such people should avoid wearing stiff material or too much of embellishment. Standing collar or a Nehru collar will hide the double chin (if you have any) or sharpen the jaw line.
Matching accessories: Accessories are as important as the wedding attire. If you need to wear a turban/safa it should be chosen carefully too. Make sure you have a good stole and royal Jaipuri shoes for your Achkan or if you are wearing a suit matching cuff links and shoes need to be chosen with care. Avoid overdo, just go for right amount of accessories that the wedding attire demands.  
Coordinate Colours: You can coordinate your wedding attire colours with that of your bride. Make sure it’s a mix match or contrast and does not become like a uniform.
The needed gap: Maintain at least a week’s gap between your bachelor party and your wedding day. Partying the night before the wedding day party is a bad idea as you might spoil your appearance for the big day.
Groom Well: Avoid shaving as last minute shaving can cause rashes and rough skin. Make sure you pluck all the visible hair from your nose and ears; also pluck strays from eye brows. Avoid experimenting with a new haircut, as it may turn out to be disastrous. Just go for a better version of your look. Make sure you cut your hair a week before the D-day.
A groom needs to look his best on his wedding, so his attire, accessories and his looks should be perfect and match the occasion.

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