Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Packing for honeymoon trip

Honeymoon dresses and accessories

What to take and what not to take… this question is the most-asked question among the honeymoon couples. Packing for your honeymoon trip is little tricky. You should make your checklist beforehand. The honeymoon destination and the weather play a vital role in the checklist. If you are going to a beach holiday, you should take plenty of cotton cloths and if you are going to a hill station, you should take many woolen cloths. Make a list of cloths and accessories. Take different types of cloths for different occasions. For example, for day trips, bring some cotton dresses and some satin or silk dresses for evening parties or romantic dinner. Do not forget to take at least three pairs of shoes on your honeymoon.


You should look your glam best during your honeymoon. Always keep the weather of your honeymoon destination in mind before packing your bags. You should go through a complete skin treatment before and after your honeymoon. Take your complete skin care and hair care kit with you. The essentials include cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shop and many more according to your skin type. Apart from these, there are some essential cosmetics to take with you while you are on the most important vacation of your life. For example, an eye pencil, lip balm, lipstick, foundation, eye shadow etc should be packed in your honeymoon makeup kit. However, you have to make sure not to overdo it.

Important documents

You should not miss out the important papers and documents, which you will need throughout your honeymoon. The list includes the road map of your destination, a proper travel guide, your air and train tickets, transport reservation papers, credit cards, travel insurance papers, and photocopies of all the aforementioned documents.

Bathroom accessories

Whether you are staying in a five star hotel or in a three star hotel, you should always carry your essential toiletries with you. Bathroom essentials, which you should not forget are:

Shower cap
Shaving cream
Hair dryer
Hair gel
Storage case
Cotton balls
The ideal way to pack your honeymoon bag is to adopt the minimalism packing policy. You should pack the things, which you feel essential for the trip; else, you will end up carrying extra and unnecessary luggage.

Before leaving, give all the details of your hotel and trip map to your other family members.

Gadgets: Today in this world of faster communication, we remain connected with our near and dear ones through several gadgets such as mobile phone, pocket internet device etc. 

Cell phone
Digital camera/under water camera with batteries and memory card
MP3 player
Phrase book
Maps and directions
Travel guide

Medical stuff: No matter whether you have a medical condition or not, you should always carry some medicines with you while you are on a holiday.
Antibiotic cream
Bug repellent
Pain reliever
Prescribed medicines
Sea-sickness pills for cruise trips

Wear something comfortable: Many honeymoon couples go wrong to select their dresses for the most important holiday of their lives. Honeymoon is such a trip, in which everyone wants to look his or her best. Therefore, you should choose the garments and clothing pieces, in which you feel comfortable in, because if you do not feel confident, you cannot look your best. For example, if you are not comfortable in mini skirts, do not wear them, no matter how in-fashion they are. 

What are the cuts: Honeymoon is always associated with love and romance. For this reason, honeymoon couples should wear something, which imposes their femininity or masculinity. For example, when you are in your honeymoon, you should not pack your formal business suits in your bag. For women, there are some special dresses, which are meant for honeymoon such as the going-away dresses. These feminine dresses come in different colors shapes, and materials. Choose the dress according to the occasion. If you are going for sightseeing, choose cotton ones while if you are attending a romantic dinner choose satin or silk dresses.

Honeymoon colors: Colors speak your mind. You can well express your feelings and moon through colors. Honeymoon dress colors should vouch for your love, loyalty, and affection for your spouse. The best honeymoon colors are red, gold, white, and silver. You also can select the colors according to the season. For example, summer is represented by yellow and black and red signify blue, winter, and spring is portrayed by pink and green. Always choose the color keeping a parity of the occasion. For day outing choose something light and for evening party or dinner, you can go for dazzling bright colors. 

Consider your honeymoon destination: Before selecting your dress code for honeymoon trip, you need to pay attention on your honeymoon destination and its weather condition. If you are going to a tropical island, you should take all cotton and light-weight cloths. If you are going to a hill station, you should bring a few woolen cloths. 

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