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Make up tips for Beautiful Muslim Bride

Make up tips for Beautiful Muslim Bride
Wedding is a bride’s big day and her eyes speak volumes for the excitement in her heart. For a Muslim bride, the entire focus of bridal makeup is on making her eyes as sensuous and appealing as possible. Therefore, we first begin with eye makeup, proceeding to lips and other parts of the face. Head ornamentation and hair styles are also an integral part of Arabic bridal make up, despite the fact that the head is mostly covered with bridal veil up to the face of the bride. This is so because the veil is sheer enough to give a good glimpse of the bride.
But first of all, apply the base makeup, that is moisturizer followed by foundation and concealer(if required). Even it out on your face, under the eyes, eyes lids, lips, chin, forehead and cheeks.  
Eye Makeup: Shape the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and with a little hairspray, try putting them firmly in place if they are too dense erratic. As per the eyelids, use eyes shadow that goes well with your bridal attire, choosing at least three different colors applied strategically. False eyelashes can be used if even after application of mascara, your eyelashes are not appealing enough.

Lip Makeup: Lips are the second most appealing part of bridal makeup. Line them properly using deep colored lip liner and fill the lips with appropriate color with the touch up of a slightly different and brighter color. Apply gloss to create an overall sensuous effect.

Rest of the face: Apply rouge of a stylish color and even it out around cheeks and forehead. The major part of the head will be occupied by the stylish jhoomar, an unavoidable piece of forehead bridal jewelry.
Hair-styling: Wear your hair up in a curled bun with loose curls on the sides framing the face and lending it a softening touch. If you do not have high cheekbones, then go for the traditional neat bun with only a couple of flicks near the ears. In any case, set your hair well and in a stylish way because your hairstyle can be seen through your bridal veil and you surely do not want the first impression to go wrong. You can use subtle ornamental pieces or hair brooches but do not over do.

These are the bridal makeup tips for the main wedding day. On the day of mehendi, keep the makeup light and subtle because it’s the day when your hands and feet will be decorated with intricate Heena designs that will lend sensually reddish hues to them.

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