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7 Things Not to Wear to a Wedding

7 Things Not to Wear to a Wedding
Deciding what to wear to a wedding is no longer a cakewalk. Each one of us wants to steal the limelight. For this you really have to plan your wardrobe in advance and note what is a strict no-no for weddings.
Rule no 1: Uniforms are for office and casuals are for weekends.
Rule no 2: Never forget rule number 1.
A line of ensembles for the bride, family, and friends is always an amalgamation of traditional Indian or contemporary forms. The choices are aplenty like a custom nine-yards sari, lehengas, shararas, anarkalis or may even pre-stitched saris and gowns. You can’t really deviate more than this to be suitable for wedding or related functions.  
1) Miss black or white!
No matter how much these colours are in vogue, going to a wedding in plain and boring white or black outfit is not the best thing to do. While men can turn out in black tuxedos, women must sport cheery colours like orange, red, pink, mauve and more!
2) Hug the figure
It is great if you have a well-maintained body and if you can show it off in skimpy clothes. But, weddings and family gatherings are not the right occasions for this. Liberate yourself from tight fitted blouses and suits, and rather drape yourself in flowing pretty fabrics with beautiful borders and crystals.
3) Season comfort
Wear clothes comfortable for your body type and the season. Don’t wear a fabric that does not go with the weather like velvets in summers can be disastrous. Make sure you check in advance if you need any alterations to avoid problems on the day of the function.
4) Heel deal
Please wear comfortable sandals. Remember that weddings are a bit longish and you might have to stand the entire time there. Moving around in high heels can be quite difficult especially if it is an outdoor venue. Pencil heel digs into the grass at farmhouses. So, check the venue before putting your best foot forward.
5) Blush blush
Makeup has to be appropriate to the time of the function, season, venue, type and scale of the event. Do not go overboard with foundation in summers since the heat can play quite a devil. Take professional help in case you are not sure about what goes well in the weather.
6) Attention Seeker!
Do not wear anything that calls for too much attention. Select your bags, jewelry and accessories carefully. Let the bride enjoy all the eyes on her. Steer away from clothes that are loud and garish. If it is a close relative’s function and you are keen on repeating your wedding dress, do it after calling some changes.
7) Anything chaotic
Do not take out anything that spells 1950’s. Bell-bottoms and cap sleeves should be restricted to casual attires and must not be tried at weddings. Don’t even think of donning a jeans and tee shirt in a hurry. There is no excuse for such wrong choices, whatsoever!
Tell us, what you think is a hit or a miss at weddings?

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