Saturday, 8 September 2012



True beauty lovers are always in search of newer makeup tricks. Here’s five more we’re sure you’ll love. 

Sheer foundationIf your foundation gives you too matte a finish add on a pea-size amount of aloe gel to it. Mixing this with your foundation will give your skin a beautifully sheer and dewy look. 

Doe eyesFidelity may not always be the best policy as far as your black eyeliner is concerned. If you’ve never cheated on your favourite eyeliner a little change will be refreshing for you as well as the people around you! Swap your regular liner for a bright coloured one, which can lift the eye and make it appear larger. Remember, darker colours make the eyes appear smaller while lighter and brighter shades do exactly the reverse.

Arched browEyeliner and mascara are two ideal ways to highlight your eyes. But to make it look further defined, you need to have full and well groomed eyebrows. Use a brow pencil if you have scanty hair growth here, and make certain to define the arch clearly. 

Say no to linersOn days that you’re wearing a bold coloured lipstick, it’s alright to skip the lip liner. The liner being a muted colour below may dampen the bright and dramatic shade on top. 

Swap your eye shadow A pretty pink lip gloss can substitute your eye shadow when you’re in search of a romantic, barely there makeup. One with shiny pigments will aid to lend a sheen. Wear the same gloss on your lips to complete the look.

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