Sunday, 9 September 2012

Face Highlighter Reviews - Your Guide to Getting the Best Highlighter

picture of Hayden Panettiere with face highlightersFace highlighter is universal in use among celebrities, but it hasn't yet caught on in the drugstore mainstream. Picking the best highlighter makeup for your face, and knowing how to apply it, can be tough when half the world still hasn't woken up to the existence of this magical new product.
Highlighter makes your eyes appear brighter and prevents eyeliner from dragging down and aging the area, creating a youthful contrast that minimizes the appearance of sunken eyes or a prominent brow. Here's our advice for attaining your best face highlighter look:focus on your lower eyelids, undereyes and cheekbones.
Pick a highlighter one shade lighter than your natural skin tone, or, if you use bronzer, one shade lighter than your bronzer, then sweep it across your face, skipping your nose, along the horizontal line of your upper cheekbones. Blend well and make sure your under-eye area is thoroughly covered. If you like, you may also slightly highlight your chin. Complement with bronzer as necessary, and you're done.
Feel free to check out some of the face highlighter reviews below to find the perfect face highlighter for your needs.

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