Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Face care tips and tricks

Clean face without bullets: For a super clean face without black points do the following: Wash your face with aspirin dissolved in warm water. Aspirin is the best that can be exfoliating.

Against pimples: For pimples, a trick that works well is to mix yogurt with lemon and oats: lemon aid for stains, oatmeal and yogurt to exfoliate to dry pimples. This is a recipe that my mom gave me has given me great results.

Hide eyecups: To make dark circles disappear put a little vinegar in a bowl and then made a little grated carrot. Finally apply it on the dark circles.

Facemask: Make a face mask with a dollop of yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and some 10 or 12 drops of lemon. Leave it for 30 minutes and you will see that the face is smooth.

Fluffy face: If you want to have a perfect face, especially silky smooth, it is easy. One day a week, grab a yogurt, you remove it and you apply it on your face for 15 minutes. You will be ready to rumble!

Volume in the lips: If you want to give a meatier to your mouth before the lipstick, apply some Broker or white pencil on the Cupid’s bow (the “V” of the upper lip).

Silken lashes: To be more silky lashes, you have to put every night, with a swab, a little olive oil from root to tip. Let soak at night and wash in the morning.

Skin hydrated and makeup: To give some texture to your skin hydrated and want to go a little makeup, a walnut cream mixture to your skin hydrated with a little makeup, spread it all over the face and see that it is good.

A facial massage to stimulate your muscles: Spend 30 minutes to stimulate facial muscles and your makeup will have better definition and brightness. Apply an exfoliating product making circles with his fingertips; insists the nostrils, forehead and chin. Rinse with warm water and cold. Apply generous layer mask on the face and neck. Leave on for about 10 minutes and ends with this massage: from chin to ear, makes grips with the index finger and thumb. To smooth the forehead, placed three fingers above the eyebrows and the hair goes up. Ends smoothing whole face down to the neck and chest.

Lessen eye fatigue: Massage both eyes at the same time, with the head and back straight and neck well supported. Put your fingertip heart of each hand on the eyeballs, from the top of the eyelid to the lash line. Make slow and gentle movements. Keep your fingers until you feel supported internal relaxation. Repeat about 20 times.

Facial despeckle: In the morning, just get up, wash your face with fresh water and spend a cotton ball soaked in lemon. This is for the skin, as it removes stains and further clarifies the complexion.

Lips always soft and hydrated: It is very easy to get. Every night before bed, put on your lips a little regenerating cream for mature skin. When you wake up, you will notice that if you had cracks, you have closed, and you had dry lips, they will very soft and hydrated.

Facial massage against wrinkles: We suggest some simple exercises to work at home masseter muscles strengthen neck, oval face and chin. 1. Force a smile. 2. Advances the lower jaw and upload it as if you are trying to bite the tip of the nose. 3. Open your mouth and lips placed between the index and middle fingers. Make finger opposition while trying to close the mouth. Place your fingers once vertically and another horizontally to work the muscles around the mouth. 4. Repeat each exercise 10 times. After a few days, you can increase the repetitions to 30.

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