Sunday, 9 September 2012

Be photogenic


  • Study pictures of models and other photogenic people. If appropriate for your personality, experiment with mimicking their poses and angles.
  • Always aim to stand or sit at a slight angle to the camera.
  • Model photos are not what family members or friends are looking for in a picture. Don't overdo the modeling poses.
  • When in a seated group shot, be sure the chairs are placed as close together as possible. Instead of leaning in, sit up straight and relax.
  • Have your close friends look at the pictures you've taken to help you ascertain when you look your best. Sometimes, a critical second set of eyes is a great help.
  • People with highly animated faces stand a better chance of getting captured during a transient grotesque expression. Frame-by-frame video is a great way to see significant differences between the photogenic and the not-so-photogenic.
  • Practice smiling in front of the mirror. In no time you'll know which smile looks fake and which is the most flattering. Learning how your face moves will help when someone grabs for the camera. Smile using your top row of teeth: it may feel unnatural but a smile with both rows of teeth can easily look fake.
  • Keep your tongue behind your teeth.
  • If it is a full-length shot, position your body 45 degrees from the camera, then turn your head towards the lens. Stand with one foot crossed in front of the other and put all your weight on your back leg. This pose is very slimming and universally flattering.
  • While being photographed, try to keep all body parts as close to your torso and face as possible, as anything protruding directly at the camera will seem huge in the photo. The one exception is that some women often hold their arms just a couple inches or centimetres away from their body because holding them too close can exacerbate the look of flabby upper arms.
  • Three seconds before the shutter clicks, have your head down, and then slowly bring it up. Don't jerk your head, though that may work. Smile while bringing your head up. When the picture is taken, your mouth should be in a fully relaxed smile. This way, your face is fully relaxed. Relax your eyes for the photo and feel relaxed. This may not work for all, so experiment when finding your photo taking style.
  • Don't look at the camera; look through it.
  • If taking your own photos, on a webcam, phone camera, digital camera or something else, this takes practice. You'll need to learn the correct angle you want to take it at, so you can move your hand to the position.
  • Normal photographs are two dimensional, losing depth perception, making the subject look wider. For some individuals, this also makes the subject look more attractive.[9] Interestingly, stereo 3D photos don't have a problem with "photogenicity" because the depth perception is maintained. You'll look as great as you do in real life![10]
  • If you have back trouble and can't physically achieve good posture, practice in front of the mirror till you find a way to make it look like an attractive slouch. Try leaning on something, turn, make it look natural.
  • Have a good background.


  • Avoid saying "cheese" or anything else; doing this can produce a grin. Use the happy thoughts technique instead.
  • Make sure your photos look like you. These steps can help you better capture your natural beauty in pictures, but if you end up doctoring your photos too much you’re liable to look like someone you’re not. While you want to put your best face forward for online dating sites or acting headshots, you also want to make sure you accurately represent yourself. If you don’t, dates and potential employers may feel deceived.
  • Sucking in your stomach will cause you to appear unattractive because your ribs may poke through your shirt. Worse, it will make you look slightly uncomfortable, which is never appealing.
  • Tilting your head down slightly can sometimes create the effect of a double-chin, rather than hiding one.

EditThings You'll Need

  • Plain, neutral colored clothes
  • Grooming items
  • Suitable locations

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