Thursday, 23 August 2012

Make-up Tips

1.  Use of powder eye shadow as liner
Using a damp liner brush with black eye shadow gave that smokey soft look. This was one of the most useful tricks I picked up and something I will definitely be using! A lot of times I’ve seen Celeb makeup and wondered why the liner looks defined yet has that soft quality to it! This technique was used by Kapil Bhalla.

2. Loose powder under the eyes to catch fall out
The sequence of makeup that I saw being followed at LFW was foundation + concealer –> followed by eye makeup –> followed by touch up of the base makeup and then the lips. Now I don’t really know why they do it this way when one can do eyes first but I’m sure they have their reasons. When working with smokey eyes, a lot of loose powder was applied on the under eyes and upper cheeks which caught the fallout from the eye shadow. When the eyes were done, it was brushed off with a large powder brush keeping the base makeup intact.

3. Medical tape while working with glitter/pigments
While working with glitter/loose pigmented, the fallout on the under eye/cheek area can be removed by pressing some medical tape gently on the tape and lifting off. Since foundation was done before eye makeup in most cases, this trick was used while working with glitter by Clint Fernandes. The foundation below was undisturbed and the glitter came off easily on the tape.

4. Lighter eye shadow as base
Clint Fernandes used a lighter pink eye shadow from the Lakme Silk Route eye shadow quad in many of his looks as all over lid color and added some brown/taupe on top of it. The lighter pink base diffused the darker color on the top the result was softer as compared to the dark eye shadow worn alone. Neat trick especially for beginners who are apprehensive of trying out dark eye shadows.

 5. Upper lash line only for droopy eyes
This is one tip I’ve been told before from a makeup artist. Women with downward slanting eyes or droopy eyes should avoid going heavy with kohl/eye shadow on the waterline/lower lash line. Instead line the upper lash line and wing it slightly at the outer corner to give a lift to the eyes. Now this is not a strict rule, I myself have slightly droopy eyes and I do wear kohl but I’ve seen that I look much better with liner. If I do wear kohl or eye shadow on lower lash line, I make sure I’m wearing the same on the upper lash line and wing it out too for some lift.

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